A Beautiful Calculator App for Your Android and iOS Device

There are many calculator apps are available for our smart phone, but here is something special with this calculator app which I’m going to introduce in this post. With this  new calculator you can write on your smart phone screen to perform calculation instead of pressing buttons on calculator app.

MyScript Calculator App:

With MyScript Calculator App users need to use their handwriting to perform mathematical operation which are supported by this app. Currently Myscript calculator supports

Basic operations: +, -, x, ÷, +/‒, 1/x
Misc. Operations: %, √, x!, |x|
Powers/Exponentials: ℯx, xy , x2
Brackets: ( )
Trigonometry: cos, sin, tan
Inverse trigonometry: acos, asin, atan
Logarithms: ln , log
Constants: π, ℯ, Phi.

If you’re frequently using your smartphone to perform calculation, then you must try this innovative app on your android or iOS device.

I have been using this calculator on my iPhone device and it works so good. After installing this app, I stopped using default calculator app on my iPhone and switched to this new app. It always fun to use this app to perform calculation.


myscript iphone calculator


For example: If you want to multiply 3 and 2, then write 3, multiplication symbol, 2 and = to on your smartphone screen by using your finger. When you write = this app automatically compute the result.

If you still never tried this app on your smartphone then I highly recommend you to try this app once.

Demo of MyScript Calculator App for iPhone:


MyScript App for iOS

MyScript App for Android



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