Amazon India – See Product Price History and Get Product Price Increase or Decrease Alerts

Want to know when you are getting a deal or buying a high-priced product on amazon sale day?

Not always amazon Indian sellers will be offering a discount on special sale days. Some sellers will offer huge discounts, and some sellers won’t.

If you’re interested in knowing you are buying products on amazon at least price when you are shopping, then in this article, I’m going to share how you can check any product price history on while shopping.

Amazon Price History Tracker:

If you google for amazon price tracker, you might notice plenty of google chrome extensions available to do the job. But today I’m going to introduce only one reliable chrome extension which does its job very well.

That extension name is, Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker.

It does a few things well… very well. It shows

1) Product Price History Tracking:

Amazon Indian product price history chart added just below the amazon india product page

You can visit any product page on amazon India and look at the product price history chart to see when and how much product price has been increased or decreased. You can see price history for more than a year if the product sells for a few years.

2) Notices When Amazon India Product Price Changes:

Notices When Amazon India Product Price Changes
Track amazon india product price changing and alerts users

Imagine you are looking to buy a product and have seen the product price history, showing the seller has recently increased the product price. So now you don’t need to buy a product when the seller is selling at a high price, and you need to get an alert when the seller decreases the product price so you can buy the product at a lower price. That’s when you can use this “Track product price” option.

With the Track Product price option, you can monitor any Amazon India product price, and it can send you an alert once the price changes. Keepa will notify you if product price change alerts via email, Web Push, Telegram, or RSS.

How to Use Keepa Chrome Extension to Track Amazon Product Prices:

1) Install Keepa chrome extension on your chrome browser

2) Make sure you activate keepa chrome extension on your chrome browser by visiting chrome://extensions/ on your Google chrome browser

3) Once you activate, visit any product page on

4) Scroll down below the product description; you will notice one extra option/widget on the amazon product page where it shows a price history chart.

That’s how you can track product price history on amazon India. If you have questions regarding amazon India price history tracking, post in the below comment section.

Visit and check yourself (make sure to install keepa extension)


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