Turn Off Birthday Reminders on Windows 8 Operating System

Recently I switched local account sign-in option to Microsoft account on my windows 8 operating system. And after that, I started receiving lot of birthday notification on my windows 8 OS. Those notification really annoying me everyday. In this guide I will show you how we can disable or remove birthday alerts.

I switched to Microsoft account because I can get lot more options if I use this account instead of my local account sign-in method. After switching to this account I started seeing lot of annoying things like birthday notification alerts, chat alerts etc., I easily disabled all such things, but for this birthday notification I didn’t get clear method to disable those notification.

Where those birthday alerts are coming from? and How those are set?

Most of  you will know that these notifications are coming from windows calendar app by just seeing the icon on the alert. But if you don’t know how these alerts are set-Then for your information, these alerts are set when you connect your Microsoft account with social networking site like Facebook.

When you add your Facebook account to Microsoft account, it automatically sync few data from those sites and add those data to your Microsoft account.

If you are having few friends on Facebook, then these notification won’t bother you much. But if you are having more than 500+ friends, then I think you should turn-off this notification or else you will start seeing those annoying alerts daily on your desktop.

birthday notification alert on windows 8 os

Screenshot of birthday notification alert on my windows 8 desktop


If are facing similar problem and still wondering how to disable that, then this post is for you.

How to Disable Birthday Notification on Windows 8 OS

We can disable this notification by 2 methods. I will try to show you both of those methods in this article.

First Method-Disable Calendar Notification on Windows 8 OS

In this method we are actually going to disable the calendar notification on windows 8 operating system. To disable calendar notification in notification center, follow the below method

1. Open the charms by Swipe in from the right edge of your screen or by pressing Windows+ C shortcut key on your desktop and choose settings option

open settings in windows 8 os

2. Now click “Change PC settings” option

change pc settings option in windows 8 os

3. Now you will see PC settings screen. In that tap “Search and apps” option

search and apps option in windows 8

4.  Now in Search and apps, tap for Notifications option. Now in right side window scroll little bit, you will Show notifications from these apps in that look for Calendar app and turn-off that notification.


calendar notifications in windows 8

This is one method to turn off calendar notification in windows 8 operating system.

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Remove Birthday Reminders in Windows Live Account

We can also turn off or stop birthday notification by removing reminders on Live Calendar website. Follow below steps to remove birthday reminder

1. Sign in to Microsoft Live Calendar website at https://bay01.calendar.live.com/calendar/calendar.aspx or at http://calendar.live.com

2. Once you sign in, Click on settings icon at top right side and choose Options

calendar settings option in windows 8


3. In Options page, click on Birthday calendar link

birthday calendar in windows 8

 4. Now in birthday calendar page scroll down little bit, you will see Notifications-in that, click delete icon on Notifications on your devices in Default reminders for newly created events and click Save button.

delete birthday alerts in windows 8 osFrom now onwards you will stop receiving birthday notification on windows 8 desktop.

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